In the Swing of Things

I haven’t been on a swing for the longest time, and thanks to my granddaughter, I recently had a chance to swing away with her at a park. Didn’t take long before feeling dizzy! that’s crazy, I thought. Something must be wrong with me. I wonder what?

My soul, my heart, my “inner voice” whatever you want to call it had an answer. “You’ve been grounded for too long” like a decommissioned airplane, I thought. I’ve been living in a dusty boneyard.

Swinging rushed the blood to my brain so fast it spun! The liberating soar from the ground is rejuvenating for the body and the mind that has not forgotten about those days playing in the sun. Why am I so grounded? so conscious of “what ifs” instead of focused on why not. Too many facts and statistics, too much time inside. Inside physical walls and inside mental boundaries of what once was. Grounded in fear of what life will bring next, of what the future holds for her; my beautiful innocent and loving grandchild.

She is an angel from heaven who pulled me back to life with a smile. It was so much fun! I’ll keep swinging, dancing and singing and if there is anybody out there living inside – I recommend to go find a swing… and swing to your heart’s delight.



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