Angels Exist. I Guarantee It.

Ever wondered if angels exist? If so, you are not alone. I often wonder about that and think of the guardian angel I’m told that I have. Many movies and TV shows portray angels among us in various ways. It feels good to think we have special “protection” from God.

On several occasions, I’ve attributed miraculous interventions to my guardian angel. Circumstances where I could have died if not for something intervening. Occasions of unexplainable good fortune; small miracles.

I can tell you that angels do exist. Believe in them. And there’s more!  You can be one of them. You, me, and everybody who is in tune with God’s circuit can be an angel. Isn’t that amazing?

Think of a time when you were down or going through a rough time. Think of the people who were there for you. Could you have made it on your own? We are so focused on seeing the invisible. Ghosts and angels intrigue us, but what if angels were right in front of us in human form?

Early this year, one of my sons underwent a serious and risky operation with a lengthy convalescence. With eyes closed, I prayed and prayed for God to manifest His power and heal my son. Heal him instantly. I honestly hoped for instant gratification. I believed a doctor could call any minute with news of having made a mistake on a diagnosis or saying that my son’s condition was not as bad as he previously thought and that everything was going to be all right. Nothing was further from reality.

My son did heal in a miraculous way, but not without the help of angels. Human angels in the form of dedicated doctors. Nurses with gentle smiles and sensitivity. Hospital staff going beyond their duties. Smiles and kind words spoken. Patience albeit the long hours. Loving, gentle concern; angel virtues. Those attitudes that warm our hearts and restore faith in humanity. Miracle workers.

Perhaps you’ve been told that you are an angel and you disregarded the compliment with modesty thinking it was nothing really. Think again. You are an angel! And you can be one every day. This world needs angels and that is quite the understatement. We need angels desperately when driving, when dealing with difficult people when meeting someone in need or sick or stressed. Think of it as working for God and from experience I can tell you there is no better boss.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned during the time my son was ill was that I’m by no means the only person going through a rough time. Sounds like cliché, right? But I can honestly say at the time I thought everybody was living the normal, healthy, inconsequential life that I was living. Turns out I was wrong. The reality is that I failed to see suffering and stress in other people. It was not until I suffered that I noticed suffering in others. Non-angel trait.

I can also say that it is not easy trying to be an angel. It takes effort and self-control. But I can also tell you it is not impossible. Look around, there is a need everywhere! There is a great need for smiles and compliments! Be an angel.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas

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