About Today

If I write about the past, like in my previous poem, I must write about the present. I promised myself that I will not live in the past although tempting. An escape from reality; an antidote. My CBD oil therapy. But to stay young one must live in the present and focus on the future someone once told me. So here it is, my new poem about the present with lots of love.

Here the days of finding knowledge
Through my fingertips
Of external memories and dreams
Days of newspapers on a screen                                                                                                     And of music on a whim

Days of working and shopping
Without brushing my hair, my teeth
No makeup days and photoshop
Eternal youth albeit the truth

Here the days of communicating
Every thought that crosses my mind
Apologetic days; do first think later
Of free speech even under the radar

Here the days of food delivery
Of disposable photographs,
Paperless desks, and paperwhite screens
Life unburdensome; acronym

These are the days of drive-throughs
And comfortable dress – walking shoes
Days of distant bank deposits
and of instant cash machines

Days of sun protection
Of passwords, surveillance cameras
And talking doorbells
Of virtual reality and augmented facts
And of never for directions ask

Here the days to workship me
Of pleasure and credit cards
Days of cell phones; portable computers
Cordless connectivity – unbound

Here the constant noisy chatter
The immediate gratification
Of unassuming stalkers
Of few goodbyes and scant desire

Nor more thinking about the past                                                                                                                                              so here’s my present-day poem                                                                                                                                           none of its words my soul moved
Except for those about walking shoes.


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