These Days are Gone

As it happens more often than I’d like to admit, I woke up feeling melancholic about the past. About my childhood and about the life that used to be. I am certain many feel the same way especially now when we are bombarded, and I mean it literally, with bad news, sad news, frustrating news and even news that infuriate us. So I share my new poem about days gone by. I hope you like it.


Gone are the days of wire

The modern umbilical cord

Gone are the days of eye contact

And of handshakes and trust


Gone is the purchased melody

Bestowed by radio waves

Gone are the waits for purchase

And gone are toaster repairs


Gone are the days of wonder

Of waiting for news from loved ones

We are a text away; abstract voice

Present distant chatter; noise


Gone are the days of waiting for an answer

And sleeping with a question mark

For of things and people we know much

But from touch, we’ve strayed far


Gone are the days of waiting

For love letters; voices from the heart

Words that warmed an existence

Words that propelled us far


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