Reality Check ✔️

For years we have heard that travel enlightens and educates, which is very true, but sometimes travel hits you with a reality check. We planned a family trip to Marble Falls, Texas, this Easter weekend of 2022. Marble Falls is a beautiful hill country town by the Colorado River. During the planning stages, I googled to see the RV parks in the area, and there were several, so I assumed we would have no problem finding a nice spot.

We heard of this amazing place by Lake LBJ, and I could almost see us there already. But there was a problem. All the full hook-up spots were booked when I tried making a reservation. The only spot available had no sewer connection and was renting for $98 per night. Our kids found a deal At the local Best Western for less than that!! I searched the other RV park options and realized that most rent on a month-to-month basis. This trip was getting complicated.

My husband suggested just staying at the BW and parking the motor home outside. We could not drive our car for our trip continues to New Mexico after this stop. When we decided to do this, the best rate at the BW was $140, so it was time to refigure…again. This is a two-week trip, and we are on a strict budget, especially because of the price of diesel these days.

I finally found an RV park that hosts mostly permanent residents but has a few spots for overnight visitors. It is close to Pedernales State Park and about 7 miles from downtown Marble Falls. It has no restrooms or showers, but we use the ones in our motor home, and that was not an issue.

Glamping at “popular RV parks” where weekend warriors camp, we are used to watching RVs roll in and glampers spreading out the latest trends in camping gadgets, electric bikes, fancy gas grills, and loungers. It is always fun to watch. These gadgets are great conversation starters among neighbors. All nice and fancy like the customary swimming pool decks, air-conditioned bathrooms, gift shops, and more.

Crashing into a full-time resident RV park is a bit different. It is a reality check. We noticed an elderly couple watching TV outside under a tent sitting comfortably on two cushiony couches. The patio had whimsy decorations, pots, plants, and lights. This is their happy home. Images of me complaining about maintaining our backyard and brick-and-mortar home punctured my heart. I felt ashamed of myself. It was Good Friday yesterday when we checked in. The day Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of us sinners. This me, me, me, culture has gotten to me, and I need to snap out of it fast. Night came, and I had the most peaceful and quiet sleep. Birds singing woke me up this morning. The sound of the nearby traffic slowly crept in, but there was something different about it. This may sound crazy, but it was polite, as if not wanting to disturb but being unable to control its roam. I am familiar with these sounds for we live near the expressway and those sounds are rude!

We don’t understand much about others and why they act or feel a certain way. I cannot continue living as if I was the only one on this planet. As if my actions have no consequences and affect others.

If we don’t care about what happens to others, we are lost in the “me” world, and I hope we can recognize reality checks around us. One thing Christ taught us is to love each other. To care for each other and welcome the stranger. Everything we do affects others. Everything. If we really think about it – that is the only thing that matters.


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