Welcome to my site Cactus in the Mirror by Nydia O Tapia-Gonzales

A tough year dealing with loss, fear and pain drove me to dig deep into my thoughts and realize that I can’t get off this bus. I have to deal with it, and the only way I can imagine how is through art, poetry, and travel. Another way is to share my thoughts, to vent, and connect with similar souls in search of motivation and inspiration.

Someone once wished to get inside my mind if only for a few minutes, and understand the madness! My winding and intersecting gravel roads lined with thorns, flowers and spiderwebs would be revealed. Even cacti have flowers!  Sort of what we say of the rose; beautiful but can sting. I don’t think of myself as a rose, but more like a cactus. Not only because of my heritage but for all the damn prickliness I’ve endured. Life’s spears remind me of a painting of  St. Sebastian, but I’m not a saint. Just another person seeking answers.

If anything, painting, poetry, and traveling heal my bruised spirit, and my faith in God is the GPS to navigate this maze. Each day is a new day people say. I want this Covid-19 experience to be another tool that makes me a better person for even when tremendous pain and sadness walk by me I enjoy life’s winding roads.

Please join me in this thorny trail of inspiration I have named Cactus in the Mirror.



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