The Colors of Life

The morning could not be calmer. Only the splashing sound of water as Canada  geese jump in for their morning dives in search of breakfast. They last a long while under water! I was mesmerized. In the background, the distant bird songs welcomed the cloudy, cool morning interrupted only by the loud “honks” of the geese.  I hold my coffee mug tight staring at the fishing pier in the distance enjoying the good morning kiss from the gentle breeze.

It is close to 7:00 a.m. and the park’s campsites are full but few would notice for right now, the birds and geese are center stage. Calmly, they float up and down with the rhythm of the waves. Steady they go as we all do albeit in different directions.

Inks Lake State Park

My desire to take a picture and share with my sister back home is interrupted by the realization that she is not into mornings outdoors listening to birds. She dreams about leaving this pandemic behind so she can head back to Las Vegas and wake up at a 5-star resort enjoying a bountiful breakfast buffet. Nothing remotely similar to my campground coffee and pancakes.

I wonder who or what determines our personalities? Even my own sister can be so different. It’s as if at conception we are assigned a number or color determining the group we belong to; creatives, thinkers, party lovers, introverts, outdoor, indoor lovers etc. Whatever it is, the point is that we are all different. Yes, some of us share the same interests but there is always something that makes each of us unique.

Thank God for that! or this campsite would rarely be available, or the Four Seasons would be booked forever! What a joy for investors! There would be no buffet large enough, or a lake clean enough for us to enjoy. Who would care for our forests and who would feed the economy 🤷‍♀️

Someone once told me that humans are like a colorful hand made oriental rug; each of us a single thread.

I’ve learned that it is more valuable to discover new ways others do things and new ways of thinking through listening. We can also read about opposing views and have ideas to ponder. We might not always agree and we might not change our minds, but we will be connected to a different wave of thought even if for a brief moment.

Do beware, some ideas and thoughts can be truly unpleasant; hard to digest and even scary but giving them a good “chew” will prove to be an edifying experience. I have been to Las Vegas with my sister for her birthday and enjoyed a great time. I can see what the attraction is even if not for me and I can be happy watching her being happy.

I truly believe we should find joy in everyday life in our own individual ways. Be happy for the way others find joy and embrace all the colors of our universe.


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