Sail Away!

Would you like to share the dining table with other travelers? Before I could say no our friend said a redundant YES!

We were purchasing a 7day cruise to the western Caribbean. It’s our third cruise and first on Carnival Cruises. What most travelers enjoy is what deters me from booking cruises; meeting new people 🤭 it stresses me so much that I choose to avoid it completely. But our friend who is single and a cruise expert and frequent traveler gave a “whats wrong with you???” stare, and left me no choice but to sail away and letting go of my fears and apprehensions.

In many ways that is what travel should be about. Freeing our spirit, revealing new possibilities and liberate our tightly secured fears. Travel, if done right, will show us a different world and open our minds to living beyond our imagination.

These two first days at sea have been both a challenge and an opportunity to peek into what could a friendlier me be. It is showing me how to let go and be myself. Cruises tend to be non judgemental and carefree and this one is no exception.

I’m looking forward to what’s next.


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