One Secret to Life and the Road

Countless of times when talking among other RV owners, one common complaint is that the RV is too small, or needs this or needs the other. I get some odd looks when I talk about our amazing trips and amazing RV possibly because my comments are misconstrued as bragging, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Last night, we returned home after a week-long RV trip to the Texas Hill Country. After my nightly ritual of a hot long shower and putting on soft comfy PJs I went to bed realizing I did not feel any different or any happier or more comfortable than I had in the past 6 nights when the shower and bed were much smaller, even cramped. I was proud of myself.

What has changed? I asked, and the year 2020 among other things came to my mind. So much despair, death and hopelessness drove me to appreciate blessings. My mom passed away 6 weeks ago, and I will never stop missing her, but I will miss her in gratitude. That is the secret.

Being in a constant state of gratitude makes a big difference in the way we live. Gratitude brings out the best in everything even the most unfortunate of situations. We go through life with a sense of want seldom stopping to appreciate what we have. Feeling grateful for a tiny shower with an inconvenient low pressure makes the difference between a great trip and a not so great trip. Be grateful you are able to go on a trip! -The same goes for life; be grateful for being alive!

It is the little things that matter. Are you grateful for your sight? imagine life without it and think of the blind in your prayers. You don’t practice prayer? Gratitude from the heart is a prayer and so is remembering the less fortunate. Fill your heart with gratitude and regard for others.

I invite you to wake up every morning with a mental list of things to give thanks for such as your comfortable mattress, linens, pillow. Be thankful that you have bad breath for it means you are alive, if your hair is messy, be grateful you have hair! Be grateful for your feet and the shoes you wear and for the sound of birds or the horrible sound of traffic outside your window for it means you have good hearing and a window to look out into the world. Be grateful for the hot shower and for whatever you eat or don’t eat for breakfast.

I have been reminded there are many people out there who lack many things and are suffering unimaginable circumstances and to ask them to be thankful is inconsiderate. I totally agree and I have a story about that for another time, but today I am grateful to have a roof over my head, grateful for affording a laptop, grateful for electricity and internet and grateful for anybody who is just as blessed and taking the time to read this post.

Living in gratitude has made a big difference in my life and I wanted to share the secret with someone who is looking for answers. It has taken many years and countless unfortunate circumstances for me to reach this place of gratitude. Maybe someone out there can feel happy sooner.

Have you noticed flowers are starting to bloom? even weeds peek from sidewalks because there is always hope.


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