A Haiku to a Venus Bride

This 4th of July week I received good news from the Brownsville Fine Arts Museum. They would like for my painting Venus Bride to be a part of their group exhibition. I welcomed the good news and shared with friends and family.

Venus Bride is an oil painting measuring 41 x 29 framed. It brought out the feminist in me. The inspiration came from the black and white photograph of Mexican golden-age cinema diva Maria Felix. A venus and icon of Mexican culture. The orginal painting is for sale.

Does a woman give up limbs, a soul or her heart when she gets married? Are there any warning signs? Do women give too much? Expect too little? or have they become masters at this…game? Are they playing house?  I am afraid I will never know the answer to those questions.

Venus Bride is strong and vulnerable. Black and white. To share the excitement I wrote a Haiku in her honor. Went to drop her off today at the museum and told her not to be afraid – she will be admired but not hurt. I promised.

 down the aisle

orange blossom venus

eyeing exit door




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