When you look at this painting do you feel like just letting go? I do. When I painted this last year it was to remind myself of letting go of as much of my past as possible. Surrender. Right in the center and between the two sets of clouds there is a blurred image of a dove; the holy spirit. Why? because if we are going to surrender to something it might as well be the holy spirit who can not only carry the burden but heal.

I think most of us women carry heavy loads but because of my three sons I know men feel the same way, and are not prone to vent, blog or yell like women are. Women, we feel responsible for ourselves, our family and even the environment! The summer might just be the best time to let go and relax even though the summer can be a difficult time with kids at home from school. But we can make it work if we try.

The practice of yoga has helped me deal with letting go. Any type of exercise helps because of its release of stored energy. Anger, worry, and frustration are stored negative energies. For me, painting is a meditation and an escape, and writing a place to vent instead of exercise! but writing it’s definitely not good to lower cholesterol or shrinking my waistline. Think of all the possibilities to surrender and relax before resorting to alcohol. Here are some ideas;

A walk in a wooded area or park, watching a funny movie, eating ice cream, relaxing on a hammock, mowing the lawn or taking care of a garden, a bicycle ride, cleaning your house or closet and visiting your parents are just a few examples.

My painting was inspired by river rafting in the Texas Hill Country. A cool place to visit and hang out. Oil 41 x 29 – Summer of 2017 by Tapia-Gonzales.


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