The Travel Conundrum

According to a recent article by the Good News Network, the Alliant Credit Union commissioned an interesting survey conducted by OnePoll.

The survey shows 44% of respondents will spend more money on traveling while 40% will spend it on home goods and decor. Spending on electronics was favored by 38% and restaurant, groceries, clothing, and live entertainment spending is tied at 37% of respondents.

When we consider the top two spending choices the travel conundrum I’m presenting here makes more sense. We love our homes and we love spending time there as much as we like to travel. But the fact that one has to leave the house in order to travel is a stressful experience for many.

This separation anxiety shows its ugly face every time I’m getting ready for our favorite 6-week RV escapes. Who is going to take care of the house? What if it burns down? What if someone robs the place? So many pesky thoughts that provoke hesitation and at times the desire to cancel the trip. Why do we have to go for so long? Why can’t we just stay here – we’ve traveled so much already!

I figured it was the 6-weeks that were causing stress but soon realized when talking to friends about traveling, that even short trips cause separation anxiety.

The experience has taught me that being attached to material things is normal but not really healthy. I’ve come to value the immense blessing of seeing your dreams come true especially when those trips involve separating ourselves from our possessions and even our families.

The temptation of succumbing to our egos is strong and if we do, our lives will be miserable without a doubt. We are home and dream about traveling. We travel and we dream about being back home. Guilt is another beast that creaps up when planning a trip. Should I be spending this money? Should I be leaving my family – they might need me. What if something bad happens and I’m not here to help? What if we have an accident or the plane crashes? It is not pleasant and it is loud.

It is because of the aforementioned questions that many people just opt for staying home. And if that makes them happy, it is great! But if they are miserable then it is time to conquer those negative beasts.

Focus on the incredible blessing it is to be able to pursue your dreams of travel. Think of all the amazing things you are going to discover and the breath taking views you will admire. Plan for your home to be looked after by family members or neighbors. Plan to spend time with family and enjoy every minute so you will enjoy your time away from them knowing that experiences will enrich you. Live in the moment.

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A few weeks ago, I lost a dear friend who with her husband, traveled on several occassions into Mexico with me and my husband. When we visited him after the funeral, he told us that on her deathbed, she cherished looking at photos from the many places they visited because it made her feel so happy. “The images and memories of those great trips, brightened her last days. They comforted her,” he said.

This post is about the desire and challenges of travel but whatever it is you desire, do not ever let fear change your mind.


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