Notes from Camp


A year ago today, April 22, 2018, my husband and I decided to buy a 20-foot travel trailer we named Dorsey.  We love to travel, but tired of the same routine of hotels, restaurants, malls, and realizing we are not getting any younger we wanted to experience more of the outdoors. Explore beyond the concrete landscapes.

Why we named it Dorsey is probably very obvious. A name derived from “outdoorsy” but spelled Dorsey to make it more personable. While researching the name, I came upon the story of the Dorsey brothers jazz orchestra from the early 1930s. After listening to “Top Hat” and “Dancing in the Moonlight” we decided their music had a good feel. Further research introduced me to Thomas A. Dorsey, considered the father of black gospel music and Jack Dorsey, computer programmer and internet entrepreneur.

I look forward to sharing our camping adventures with others who might be thinking about doing the same. Maybe I can offer some good advice or at the very least, share some great photos of the outdoors.

“Not all who wander are lost” is one of my favorite quotes.




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