Why a Cactus in the Mirror?

The summer heat this crazy world of ours drove me to dig deep into my thoughts and realize that I can’t get off this bus. I have to deal with it and the only way I can imagine how is through art and travel. Another way is to share my thoughts, to vent, and connect with other similar minds in search of motivation and inspiration.

Someone once said he wished he could get inside my mind if only for a few minutes, and understand the madness! If this would happen, he would have discovered winding and intersecting gravel roads edged with thorns and flowers. Hey! even cacti have flowers!  Sort of what some say of the rose; beautiful but can sting. I don’t think of myself as a rose, but more like a cactus. Not only because of my heritage but for all the damn prickliness I’ve endured.

If anything, painting, poetry, and traveling heal my bruised spirit, and I rely on my faith to renew me each day. Each day should be a new day people say, but I often think of those workers I admire who labor in the fields under a brutal sun carrying heavy loads. Sweaty, and achy but thinking of that cold brew awaiting somewhere at the end of the day. Dreaming about the potential results of hard work; a house, a Sunday barbecue, an education and seldom a vacation.

Read along and join me in this thorny trail of inspiration I have named Cactus in the Mirror. I will tell you why I named it Cactus in the Mirror in another post.


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